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In GTA San Andreas, the stores are well spread all over San Andreas, and have almost always a different appearance from the out marc jacobs side, but from inside they are almost all the same, with only minor aesthetic alterations; for example, Bitch’n’ Dog Food cans are up for sale in only one store. The player can only buy snacks or drinks at the vending machines. Sometimes, the clerk and a customer interact in a short animation, but the customers never leave the store. You can spot a lot of things in every single store, like Love Juice, Cherry Popper ice cream or pizzas from Vice City.There are also several arcade games in every 24/7 which can be played. The pedestrians found inside the stores (two to four usually spawn) will typically make a comment when looking at something on the shelves or random comments about their life while walking around, only interacting with the player if provoked.Former 24 7 logoAdded by Gta mysteriesOther than providing the ability to purchase food from vending machines, the 24/7 stores serve no storyline related or 100% completion purchase in GTA: San Andreas, with the exception of the Commerce location Roboi’s Food Mart, which is the site of the Roboi’s Food Mart Courier Mission and becomes an asset property (although the store carries a different name, the interior of Roboi’s is identical to that of a 24/7, indicating the two chains are likely related).24/7 stores reappear in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, but are no longer accessible. Billboards advertising the store and its products can be seen, and its logo appears on some Steed (GTA IV) and Yankee (GTA Chinatown Wars) trucks.The stores reappear in Grand Theft Auto V, however, not all 24/7 stores can be entered and the player can buy 3 types of candy bars to restore the player’s health at the counter of the store. The player is able to shoplift, resulting in a one star wanted level.Enterable 24/7s can also be robbed for money. The player has to threaten the clerk by pointing a weapon at him. The player can intimidate the clerk forcing him to empty the till faster by shooting at the products behind the counter.After the clerk handed out the money and player keeps his weapon pointed at him, he will ask what the player wants marc jacobs and states that there is no money left. But if the player shoots at the second till it opens and there appears a second bag with more money. Most of the time t marc jacobs he bag with the money falls behind the counter and the players has to go behind the counter in order to pick it up. If the player robs the store, it results in a one star wanted level. If the player decides to shoot the clerk, it might result in a two star wanted level.When the player shoplifts, robs the store and shoots at the second till in one take, the police will most of the time already have arrived at the scene before the player leaves the store. A decent getaway car is therefor highly recommended, especially if the player decides to shoot at the police which results in a 3 star wanted level.Should the clerk be killed before giving the player the money as some will refuse to get the money and sometimes, after being robbed several times, will even get a gun out. Then the player can rob the till themselves by pressing right on the D pad and shoot at the second till for some extra money. If you visit the same 24/7 you just robbed later, the store owner (if spared during the first robbery) will recognize you and flees the store.One in Sandy Shores, around the corner from Trevor’s trailer.O marc jacobs ne on the Great Ocean Highway in Lago Zancudo and around a quarter of a mile north the drop off point from the mission Pack Man.One on Route 68 west of the Los Santos Customs, the location available for purchase by Franklin.One at the gas station in Tataviam Mountains, used in the mission I Fought The Law.One on the road at the back of theChumash Plaza in Chumash.Across from Hands On Car Wash in Davis.One in Downtown Vinewood.One on the Senora Freeway southbound side in Grand Senora Desert.One on the Ineseno Road in the Banham Canyon.One in Vinewood.24/7 also appears in Manhunt, another video game developed by Rockstar Games.In GTA IV, a defunct 24 7 has the name written as Twenty Four Seven, but some letters are missing and one letter is turned upsidedown, making it read “Twat FurS”, one example of Rockstar’s innumerous sexual innuendos.