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The Granola Factory gets OK to stock more Wegmans stores

High end grocer Wegmans recently gave the owners of the downtown Bethlehem granola maker approval to stock 16 more Wegmans stores with its signature food.

“It’s definitely a rewarding feeling,” said Calvin Virgilio, son of owners Robert and Suzanne Virgilio. “We are lucky to have a company like Wegmans that rea marc jacobs lly gives small businesses a chance to grow and that is what they have given us.”

The Granola Factory’s 11 ounce bags of pecans, cherries, honey and other ingredients will now be sold in 33 Wegmans stores, including more locations in New Jersey marc jacobs and New York, in addition to new states like Virginia, Maryland and marc jacobs Massachusetts, according to Calvin Virgilio. The bags sell for $4.99 to $5.99.

The Granola Factory was spawned more than two decades ago from the Bethlehem Inn bed and breakfast run by the Virgilios. The Granola Factory started selling in Wegmans stores roughly five years ago, owners have said.

The Granola Factory’s plan for growth comes during a natural foods boon. Virgilio said The Granola Factory’s sales are up roughly 60 percent compared with a year ago, in line with what industry experts say is a trend of consumers trading dining out marc jacobs for more quality groceries.

The Granola Factory will double production at its 3,000 square foot factory on Long Street, which produces hundreds of pounds of granola per week to meet the demand. Virgilio said there are plans to add at least one more worker to the operation, which includes two bakers, the Virgilios and their son, Calvin.

Earlier this year, The Granola Factory began a campaign to convince Wegmans officials to allow its granola to be sold at all 79 of the chain’s stores.

Wegmans spokeswoman Jo Natale declined to comment about the deal. Natale has said that organic goods are one of the largest growing segments for the grocer.