marc jacobs The great Indian handbag myste

The great Indian handbag mystery

It’s a written rule; never peek into a lady’s handbag. And no wonder, because you can find crazy things inside a girl’s handbag.

No, we aren’t talking about creams, tissues and cute dolls. We are talking about scandalous things that women hide from the prying eyes of this ever inquisitive world. After all, a woman’s go marc jacobs t to do what a woman’s got to do.

Girls tend to carry their entire life with them in the marc jacobs ir handbags. The bag may look small but trust us when we say this, it holds a lot more. You’d be surprised to find out the number of tiny things girls carry around in their bags. It may be totally absurd for someone else, but absolutely normal for the women. I carried around a sex toy in my bag for the longest time. says Sonia.

She explains she wanted to be ready if ever a situation arose. Another one confesses that she carries a vibrator with her. Not because she was hoping to use it in time of an emergency, but because she didn’t want her folks to be scandalized in the event of a surprise clean up at home. Rohan Periera, a musician noticed a gurkha knife in his girlfriend’s handbag and completely freaked out. I thought she was psycho and ran for my life.

Be it a sex toy or a weapon, women aren’t shy to carry such things in their bags. They’re looking out for their own safety (and pleasure) aren’t they? Another girl admits she carried a pair of killer heels in her bag for almost a week. So, whenever I had to find something in my bag, the pointed marc jacobs heel would bruise my arm. Can’t get more crazy, can it? Oh but it can.

I carry a condom in my wallet a guy’s condom. stresses another. She justifies that sometimes men get so excited that they forget to bring one. And there, I come to the rescue. grins this one. Handbags, especially women’s no doubt has an element of mystery. Men complain about women having big bags and how everytime she needs to take out her wallet, she buries her head into her big bag trying to find that among her pile of junk.

A marc jacobs mrita explains how boyfriend always has a problem with her carrying a big bag. He says I don’t need half the stuff I carry. Ironically, the same boyfriend keeps some of his things in her bag too.

Women have this incessant need to carry around a handbag. Why? Are they carrying around the hand bag gene? Some say there is a biological explanation to this because women carry the responsibility of their family and the other reasons are pscyhological like the need to hold onto something to feel secure.