marc jacobs The Great RaceIt a stereo

The Great Race

It a stereo mix, but no directionality is present. It captures the spirit of the race really well. On the back cover, a screen shot of Misty, Starme, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur from the The Flame Pok mon athon! episode.

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Ash gets to fight a ninja master for his next badge, and then it time for a safari adventure.

We begin The Ninja Pok Showdown with the gang lost, as usual, on their way to Fushcia Gym when they find a mysterious mansion in the fog covered forest. Everyone wanders inside, and they encounter trap after trap until they meet a girl named Aya who says that they are in a training area. Aya challenges Ash to a Pok mon match using Venonat, while Ash chooses Bulbasaur. After Ash wins the battle, the girl master, Koga appears, and it turns out he the Fushcia Gym Master. The Soul Badge is now up for grabs!

Next up is The Flame Pok mon athon!, when the gang accidentally wanders into a Pok mon reserve, and Ash tries to catch one. A Growlithe stops him until a girl named La marc jacobs ra comes up to them on a Ponyta to explain that no Pok mon can be caught here. Lara tells them a Pok mon racing tournament is going on the next day, so Ash, Misty, and Brock stay to see it. At a festival the night before, a boy named Dario tells Lara that her herd at home is stampeding, and while trying to stop it, Lara breaks her arms. Since Lara was supposed to enter the race on Ponyta, she asks Ash to take her place instead. Misty joins him on her Starme, and Brock rides on Onyx. Dario is also participating in the race on a Dodrio, aided by Team Rocket.

Last up inThe Khangaskhan Kid, the gang reaches the Safari Zone, a place where Pok mon are allowed to run wild without fear of being caught. Ash doesn realize that, and gets caught by Officer Jenny. She quickly realizes that Ash honestly didn know, and they all rush out after they discover Team Rocket is poaching in the area. Circumstances prevent Officer Jenny from stopping Team Rocket, and a bunch of Khangaskhan looks like they about pouched when a kid wearing just a loincloth comes out of the trees and rescues the Khangaskan. The boy marc jacobs calls himself Tomo, and he been living in the forest ever since his parents dropped him in the jungle years ago. At this time of course, his parents arrive b marc jacobs ack, l marc jacobs earning that their son has been found. Tomo, or Tommy, has been living without his parents for five years and he considers the Khangaskan his parents now too. Like Tarzan, Tommy is torn between both of his families.

Wow, Ash bags his sixth badge, so that only leaves two before he can enter the Pok mon League. A lot of the Japanese cultural references in one of the episodes will be lost on the children watching though. The racing episode provides a bit of excitement, but the Tarzan rip off episode is rather annoying. There a nice breast milk joke in it though.