marc jacobs The greatest Halloween parenti

The greatest Halloween parenting tip ever

Attention, moms and dads I am no Dr. Phil or Supernanny, but I am going to give you one of the greatest Halloween parenting tips you will ever learn.

It has nothing to do with making an amazing witch costume or designing a haunted house so scary that it gives Freddy Krueger his own nightmares.

This tip is about how to avoid the dreaded post Oct. 31 sugar highs that your kids usually have for a few weeks after a successful night of trick or treating.

I found a great way to trick toddlers into giving up their Halloween candy. I know that sounds bad it’s only one step above stealing candy from a baby. But there is a way to get kids to HAPPILY give you their junk food and not throw a temper tantrum.

My story starts several years ago, when my twin daughters were six and my son was four.

It was a successful Oct. 31 and my children came home with bags full of cavity creating marc jacobs candy. It was an impressive haul.

I decided to offer them a proposition.

kids, guess what? I have good news. The Tooth Fairy is going to come by our house tonight and take about 90% of your candy. He does this bec marc jacobs ause he wants to protect your teeth from all the sugar and chocolate. In return, guess what he is going to do? my kids asked as they started a chocolate bar feeding frenzy so intense that it could have been filmed for Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

Tooth Fairy is going to give you $1 each! I said excitedly.

The kids stopped and stared at me. Maybe my children didn’t think they had a choice, but to my amazement, they fell for this.

dollar, my daughter Olivia said. right! We get to go to the dollar store and buy a toy. don’t think a child has voluntarily given up candy in the history of Halloween. Ever.

Part of me was sad my kids were gullible enough to fall for this. I thought they were more street smart.

If my dad had tried this trick on me, I would have looked him square in the eyes and said Tooth Fairy can have my bag of candy when he pries it from my cold, dead fingers. don’t get me wrong I am no anti chocolate heath food freak. I think candy is an important staple of any child’s diet. My problem is the amount of candy my kids collect on Halloween. The stockpile can last a few months and I was getting to know my kids’ dentist on a first name basis, so something needed to change.

The bad news is my children are getting older and wiser. I had to bump up the Tooth Fairy payments marc jacobs to $2 in recent years. Now my daughters are nine and have figured out that most of the toys in a dollar store are made of cheap plastic crap and only last a few days. They have more expensive tastes.

My daughter Katie told me a few days ago that she didn’t want to give her Halloween haul to the Tooth Fairy for so little cash, so $2 is no longer going to cut it.

I am going to sell my candy, I want the Tooth Fairy to give me $15, she told me.

What? Is my daughter trying to gouge the Tooth Fairy? My daughter obviously doesn’t understand economics and inflation rates.

But it’s good to know Katie has a future career as an overpaid attorney who makes outrageous demands. I am now expecting my daughter to try to lobby me with some Johnnie Cochran OJ Simpson trial like sayings such as the Tooth Fairy don’t pay, the Halloween candy must stay or you pay $15 bucks, this Halloween you are out of luck. He thinks peo marc jacobs ple who give out apples and raisins as Halloween treats should be arrested.