marc jacobs The Greatest Invention in Golf

The Greatest Invention in Golf

I no cooler expert but my gues marc jacobs s is this cooler can hold up 15 cans of whatever you want to keep cold. The cooler is almost the full length of the bag and is located on the right side. How good is it? It comes fully lined (the lining is removable!) and has a few holes at the bottom for drainage. Yes, they thought of just marc jacobs about everything. Add ice, beer (or your beverage of choice) and get out on the course.

(A picture of the cooler pocket when open)

I was excited when I saw this prize at the table because I need a new bag. Unfortunately, it not a stand bag so it doesn do me much good. I figured I would give it away, and then it dawned on me. I have my annual golf trip next week. Although I not a big drinker on the course, the guys marc jacobs I play with would kill me if I gave away a bag that could carry 12 15 cold ones. It is the perfect bag for golf trips.

Another trend I see is golfing for bachelor parties. This would work out perfectly when taking your buddy out for his last round as a bachelor. When we recently did this, our carts had coolers stuffed in them. This is much more convenient. My decision on what to do with this became simple: I will keep it and use (or loan out) as marc jacobs needed.