marc jacobs The Greatest Movie Douchebags

The Greatest Movie Douchebags Of All Time

The overwhelming majority of movies are built around certain basic archetypes. The hero starts off somewhere, overcomes adversity and ends up somewhere else. Usually this involves facing down some kind of villain. In the last century, movies have marc jacobs given us a collection of amazing villains, la Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter, etc.

But somewhere between good guys and bad guys lies that true guilty pleasure of movies discovering, and then intensely hating on, the movie douchebag. There are few cinematic pleasures as fun to indulge in as cursing out an obnoxious character while fiercely awaiting their comeuppance. and there always a comeuppance.

Jason Bateman looks set to join the ranks of our favourite movie douchebags with marc jacobs his upcoming directorial debut, Bad Words, in which the actor also stars as an angry, marc jacobs 40 year old high schoo marc jacobs l dropout who uses a loophole to take his revenge on the world by competing in a local spelling bee. If that alone doesn offend you, check out the trailer, where Bateman character seems determined to bring everyone down to his level of misery.