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The Green Dragonfly

A little while ago my niece asked me (very nicely) if I might pleaasssssseeeeee fix her belov marc jacobs ed purse:

It has, as you can see, been very well loved And while I could have sewed marc jacobs in those frayed ends and mended the handle, but I think you agree it had come pretty close to the end. So I suggested I could make her a new purse.

Something nice and bright:And a little bit different:And when I was done I thought I would also share it with you! This is a very simple, small purse measuring approximately 14cm x 10cm. The design is very basic, so these little purses are suitable for beginners and can be quickly made up.

You will need yarn in 8ply and a 4mm hook. I used cotton, but acrylic or wool would work too. These instructions are in US terms.

To make the purse chain 22, turn and half double crochet (hdc) in the third stitch from the hook and each stitch across (20hdc). Chain 2, turn and hdc in each stitch across the row. Keep working back and forth (remembering to ch 2 at the end of each row) until you have a rectangle approximately 20cm long. I tried this sewing both on the inside and turning it right side out and on the outside. I found it worked better sewing on the outside because you could see exactly what your seam would look like (and be very neat with your stitches). An alternative would be to work in the round, which would work beautifully if you used a single color, however because I wanted to make a stripy bag this would have turned out jagged.

1. Make a magic circle, ch 3, DC x 9 into the circle.

2. Pull tight, join with a ss to complete the round (10 DC).

3. CH3, DC in same stitch, 2DC in each remaining stitch around,join with a ss to complete the round (20DC). DC in next 2 stitches, CH 2 repeat between and around,join with a ss to complete the round (10 x 2DC pairs).

5. SS to 2ch space. CH3, DC, CH3, 2DC into same space. 2DC into next space, ch3, 2DC into same space repeat between and around, join with a ss to complete the round.6. Change color and join yarn in a 3ch space. CH3, DC 8 i marc jacobs nto first 3ch space, DC9 into each remaining 3ch space around, join with a ss to complete the round. Fasten off and sew in all ends.

4. Attach doily to back of purse, approximately one third of the way down. Carefully sew in place.

5. Make a strap, chain the desired length, turn and SC in the second chain from the hook all the way back over your chain. Sew onto side of bag.

6. I like to line any crochet bag or purse I make, it stops things falling through marc jacobs and helps the bag to keep its shape. Just make a rectangle (approximately the same width and about 4cm longer than your bag), over sew the edges, fold over the top 2cm and sew up the side seam.7. Enjoy!!! There loads of scope with these bags, you could embellish them to your hearts content. They would also make a nice coin purse or tissue holder if you left off the strap.