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The green nonwoven bags industry needs responsibility

Zhejiang (Cangnan) Zhongtian Bags Industrial Co., Ltd. Analysis, “After the first two years of moon that sales soared after the green bags, green bags by 2011 the industry price war can not just stop at this level, bags Mor marc jacobs e companies should “quality, responsibility, innovation” the three point of view to the green bags enterprises to better sales.

First, the responsibility of the core, adhere to lead by example

Global climate change and its adverse effects are a common concern of mankind, in the face of climate warming, the world is a positive action. 1979 First World Climate Conference in Copenhagen, to the Shanghai World Expo, environmental protection to today, is no longer pale and weak cry of activists, is no longer an empty slogan false governments, but increasingly close to each person’s life because it is not only related to the global economic and social development, but also with every country, every industry, every person are closely related.

As a responsible environmental companies, nonwoven bag factory Rong Sen has been using its own action to implement a low carbon and environmental social responsibility. Within the enterprise, Cangnan non woven bags Chinapvcbags will further extend this responsibility, the past does not use disposable chopsticks to further promote the vegetarian Zhejiang (Cangnan) Zh marc jacobs ongtian Bags Industrial Co., Ltd.’s Employees use their own actions practice the protection of forest resources and protecting the environment.

Second, the cornerstone of quality, adhere to the principle of good faith

E commerce industries for green bags, reusable shopping bags can move the price is often the most buyers psychological factors. For this reason, many of the cottage manufacturers to tightly grasp this point, the low offer, do a good sample, but the actual goods on a large number of poor quality bags are not environmentally friendly paper bag .

It is because of such manufacturers, many of the companies purchased as freeloaders poor quality non woven bags, in the later released to consumers, the feedback quality is poor, only to find themselves at a disadvantage. Now, with “warning” consumers have become more rational, consumers seeking environmentally friendly products more than ever. Cangnan non woven bags Zhejiang (Cangnan) Zhongtian Bags Industrial Co., Ltd.’s Business staff, told reporters, “Today, consumers are free to use cycle of non wove marc jacobs n bag is relatively high expectations. Consumers more concern about how the quality of bags, style, exquisite fine without such problems, in the new year is more cost effective bags have to attract consumers. ”

Third, innovation as the goal, the development of new fabrics

China is a plastic producing countries, consumer, importer of raw materials, product exporting countries, but China is not a resource rich countries.

“The plastic bag is the invention of the 20th century, one of the worst.” This is an environmental expert makes the deepest impression word. Small plastic bags, we touch it every day, since shopping is provided free of charge business, and we use it without restraint. But this little plastic bags because it is difficult to degrade in the natural environment, environmental pollution, and even endanger the lives of animals.

With the ease of the f marc jacobs urther expansion of pollution, environmental protection, enterprises should develop more environmentally friendly material to replace the use of certain plastics. In addition to non woven bags made of woven, the cotton bags made of cotton material there bags linen canvas, oxford cloth. Among them, nonwoven bag with a lower price to win the majority of enterprises and environmental protection, the role of bag manufacturers use.

Shopping bags, green bags only adhere to the responsibility of enterprises as the core, quality as the cornerstone of innovation as the goal and actively take up the environmental corporate social responsibility of citizens in order to build a green home and contribute.