marc jacobs The GREEN way to pick up doggi

The GREEN way to pick up doggie doo

I have a good friend that is consistently buying rolls of those blue plastic doggie waste bags to carry around with her when she takes her little dog for a walk. I don’t blame her. The bags fit right into the little plastic fire hydrant on her dog’s leash and they are really convenient. She does the responsible thing and picks up after her dog, but I still don’t think sh marc jacobs e has thought the entire process through.

According to the Wall Street Journal the US goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags every year. Plastic bags don’t biodegrade. They break down and contaminate the soil and waterways with toxic chemicals. They also end up in our oceans where they kill marine wildlife. Animals such as the endangered sea turtle, mistake plastic bags for food and die as a result. Department of the Environment; Worldwatch Institute, 4 to 5 trillion non degradable plastic bags are used worldwide annually. It takes 430,000 gallons of oil to produce just 100 million of those bags. It costs 2 to 3 cents to make a non biodegradable bag and 5 to 10 cents for a biodegradable bag. One option is the BioBag, a biodegradable waste bag made out of corn for easy clean up when walking your dog. According to the company the solid waste and the bag will both decompose. You can bury both together and they will eventually break down, or if your community collects biodegradable waste for composting, you can set them out with your yard waste. You get 50 bags in every package and one bag costs about $7.50. The bags decompose in as few as 30 days.

Spike’s Biodegradable Business bags are also a great option. They will set you back $5.95 for 40 bags.

You could use a pooper scooper instead of a plastic bag. You can get one for less than $10 and you will never have to purchase a bag again. Another option is to simply separate the dog waste from the bag or paper your using and flush it down the t marc jacobs oilet.

Cut down on the plastic bags you use in other ways. In my house we take our own canvas bags with us when we do our grocery shopping. Even when I go the mall or other retail stores I try and take my own bag by always having one rolled up in my purse. My boyfriend and I have somewhat started a little competition (I am a super competitive person). You should consider trying to start the challenge within your own home. Eco Bags and ReusableBags are great places to find really cool reusable bags, but there are many sites that carry bags. Oprah is also selling 100% organic cotton bags from her site.

Go to Morsbags to learn more and find out how you can raise awareness. They will even teach you how to make your own stylish reusable bag.

You are going to love the dog poo scoop I have created out of mineral water bottle. It has a space for you to hold your plastic bags too. View pictures and instruction at the follow link:You recycle and it is free. This design came about after a research I did about why dog owners do not bring their dog poo scoop and the bio hazard it can create if the poo is not discarded properly. You can read about it at the following link:Now dog owners can feel even better about doing their duty. They can use FLUSHADOO.

FLUSHADOO is a flushable, water soluble, eco friendly, doggie doo bag. It is the modern GREEN alternative to plastic doggie doo pick up bags. It is safe for marc jacobs septic tanks and easy to use.

Most importantly, FLUSHADOOs stay out of landfills, oceans and helps to keep our waterways and planet clean.

Sadly, plastic doggie doo bags are both prolific and devastating. During the 1,000 years they take to decompose they leak a toxic mix of plastic particles and dog waste. Bacteria seeps into groundwater by poor dog waste practices.

Our waste is strictly treated so why should pet waste be different? Dr. Gurminder Singh of the UCLA Green Institute believes FLUSHADOO is the environmentally friendly and responsible way to dispose of dog waste.

Untreated dog waste is washed into rivers, lakes, bays and oceans by rain. Waterways are adversely affected by dog waste. Scientists have even labeled this concept Fid marc jacobs o Hypothesis. Dog waste contains E. coli, Salmonella, Tuberculosis and Bellyworm.

Though the EPA is gradually requiring states to comply with the Clean Water Act currently most dog waste sits in plastic wrapped time bombs in landfills. In addition, over the last 50 years, every piece of plastic that has made it from our shores to the Pacific Ocean has been breaking down and accumulating in the central Pacific gyre which is now referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Be part of the POO LUTION solution, by using FLUSHADOO on your next walk with your four legged best friend. Say NO to plastic and join the movement by using FLUSHADOO.