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The Grey and Neeson

Does Joe Carnahan (A Team) The Grey really constitute as a genre title for Mania? I knew the film was about a man (Liam Neeson) who leads a group of plane crash victims on a trek of survival. They are then hunted by wolves for no other reason than they are in the wolves hunting grounds. Does this constitute a genre title? I believe it does. It is a tale of survival and with any movie that has the would you do? scenario it easily makes it a title worthy of Mania recognition.

Neeson plays a professional marksmen and hunter named Ottway. He is hired by a big time oil company to provide protection to oil riggers working the Alaskan pipe line. Ottway has his demons which are revealed in a letter he is writing to a woman. Her identity and relationship is not revealed at first. All we know is that she is no longer with Ottway. Indeed his life is so bleak that he rests his hand upon a wolf he just shot merely to feel the creature last breath. That evening Ottway sticks his own gun in his mouth. Pulled back from the brink, he doesn go through with it. Memories of a poem his father wrote are constantly bring him back from the edge.

On his way back to civilization we marc jacobs see Ottway interact with his co workers as they get ready for their flight. This a collection of rough and tough men who just survived the brutal winter and harsh working conditions. This isn an ill equipped, though in great shape, soccer team. No, it is a collection of rough, tough guys who just worked a bleak winter in northern Alaska. When the plane does go down, we immediately witness one of the most brutal, if not most beautiful (cinematic wise), plane crashes ever shot. Carnahan takes you right into the heart of the destruction and chaos from Ottway point of view. This technique is used again in the film for an entirely different sequence yet delivers all the same.

Ottway quickly takes charge of the group as the only hunter in the lot. What builds next is a creepy scenario where the wolves start to pic marc jacobs k off the survivors one by one. Without ruining the plot or the order in which the characters fall, The Grey delivers on the story it sets out to tell. However, it is Neeson that makes me see the film in a different light.

It is well known that Liam Neeson lost his wife Natasha Richardson in 2009. Since then his film choices have not been those of the Liam Neeson of old. The Academy Award nominated actor has turned to the likes of the A Team, Battleship, and Clash of Titans. You could make the argument that he is a working actor and just going where the work is. However, in The Grey I saw something more. This particular film offered more than just a role for Neeson to play. It offered him a chance to exorcise some demons. I marc jacobs n watching the film it might have hit very close to home for Neeson. I applaud Carnahan for getting Neeson in this role and Neeson for tackling the subject matter. This is one of those rare movies when an actor can truly draw from within and deliver more than just a performance.

The Grey is an interesting film that combines many elements that made Alive and Lee Tamahori The Edge so appealing. It is Neeson show and worth the one time watch.

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The Grey Starring Liam Neeson and Dermot Mulroney

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