marc jacobs The grocery store of my dreams

The grocery store of my dreams

Went into the underground parking from the entrance on Bay, right near Copps. Good signage, got a parking spot right in front of the doors. Walked up the steps and into grocery store. Easy peasy.

First stop, produce. Blueberries were $0.99/pint. Amazing. Arugula was slightly below average (arugula is my new favourite salad stuff). Fruit and veggies were mostly reasonably priced and I’d say marc jacobs that on the whole, it’s on par with the area’s discount grocery stores for most things. They sell 17 million types of oranges but the bagged, non blood, non Chilean Special Whatever, regular naval ones were slightly more expensive than where I normally buy them (I eat a lot of oranges).

HOWEVER. Let’s talk edamame. I mean, go to a large warehouse store and you spend $12 on three pods which I always thought was so odd considering it’s so cheap at most sushi places. So, two GIANT bags of edamame (frozen obviously) = $3. Which is kind of what it seems like it should be. $3. That’s all. It was worth the trip just for that.

Fish. I bought some Tilapia at $5.99/pound (it was on sale somewhere else this week for $6.99) and salmon steaks for $5.99/pound. I will say, the salmon was pretty heavily boned and I spent a good deal of time pulling bones out while parcelling them out for the week (I cut them into portion sizes before freezing them). That is hallmark discount food store.

I could actually live in the Baked Goods section. Honeyed fried wontons? Omg. An entire container lasted an hour. I bought something called Stick O’s, which are yummy chocolate wafer straw cookies and come in a handy and efficient (of course!) jar thing. And frozen breaded shrimp (such a boring choice but they were super cheap), vegetable and leek dumplings, et marc jacobs c.

The dim sum? Don’t even get me started. And I love that there’s a noodle section that is different from the pasta section.

And even though the store has a heavy Asian influence, they have a great selection of Euro stuff, too. I’m always on the lookout for plum jam like my Bubby used to make and they sell it there in the Polish jam section. Because there is a Polish jam section.

Andrea told me she used to have to make different stops around town for her various ethnic favourites: Upper Gage for Jamaican patties, Upper Paradise for Marco Polos, and so on. Nations now carries all of it. However, she was disappointed in their mushroom selection, which she found lacking. Personally, I’m not a mushroom connoisseur, so I didn’t notice, but she said it was limited to mostly button.

Milk and eggs are competitive with discount grocery stores, but I found that many North American grocery brands were slightly higher th marc jacobs an average.

I filled two of m marc jacobs y own nylon bags with stuff, including fruit, veg, fish, some frozen stuff, some bakery stuff, and some prepared foods. $43. Not bad. Parking is validated with a purchase of $20.