marc jacobs The handbag that stops you spe

The handbag that stops you spending

‘We have seen a lot of interest in the iBag on social media which has marc jacobs been really exciting, with over 3,000 tweets about it, more than 7,500 Facebook likes for posts about the iBag and over 57,000 views of our Youtube and onsite videos,’ Ms Hutchison said.

‘Interestingly, users who register their interest marc jacobs seem to be evenly split between men and women. In fact, it skews slightly more towards men order marc jacobs ing the bag (51%), although only a quarter are interested in the male version of the iBag.’

‘Not one woman who has registered her interest for the iBag has ordered a male version o marc jacobs f the iBag so guys want one to help their girlfriend’s curb their bad spending, but girls aren’t keen to do the same for their boyfriend.’

‘With so much interest in the idea of the iBag across the world, it is possible that we will receive enough interest in going into full scale production. We don’t have a timeline for production and we have no deadline which makes it flexible to watch and see how much interest we receive over time,’ Ms Hutchison added.