marc jacobs The Hard Facts on the Mysterio

The Hard Facts on the Mysterious

was recently brought to our attention that our beloved PLA (fully compostable plastic liner) products were labeled a number 7 plastic. In some eyes 7 plastics are the “catch all” for miscellaneous plastic marc jacobs s that were not mainstream 20 30 years ago when the number system was created by the chemical industry. With these plastics not being categorized, it is known that some 7 plastics contain Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA has been known to be a controversial chemical used in the making of some plastics.

this knowledge of BPA, you could understand our urgency after a customer alerted us that if a plastic is labeled as a number 7 plastic, then it automatically contains BPA. Unbeknownst to us, we quickly got on the phone with our manufacturer, and got a lengthy explanation from the CEO of Asean, Mr. Buzz Chandler. Asean provides us with our Compostable lines of paper coffee cups, paper cups, plastic cups, and plastic deli containers. In addition to our Asean pr marc jacobs oducts, we also carry many other products with the fully compostable liner. Mr. Chadler elouquently set the record straight. Please see highlights from his email below.

“PLA is currently classified as a “7” on the plastics recycling symbols. The “7” number was the one made for being the “catch all” number for all those plastics that were not mainstream 20 30 years ago when the number system was developed by the chemical industry. In fact PLA wasn even invented yet back then.

Since then with the emergence of bioplastics, and there are a lot of them, the traditional plastics in marc jacobs dustry has really dragged their heels at updating the numbers and symbols for obvious reasons. The numbering system, by the way, is a system conceived, owned, and administered by the plastics industry, not any government or similar agency. It is a private industry system.

There is work being done to come up with a new system or a revised and updated system, but the speed is glacial as one wou marc jacobs ld expect, the old school is not excited about changing “their rules” for the new kids on the block, so to speak.

Unless a manufacture of an end product specifically needs or wants to put BPA in a product as an additive for whatever reason, that is how BPA could get into the PLA. But no PLA, at least from Nature Works Ingeo (who we use exclusively) has any BPA added to it. NatureWorks does not put it in the resins, nor do we use it on any of our products.”

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