marc jacobs The Hazards of Using Polyethyl

The Hazards of Using Polyethylene Bags

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysAccording to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the world uses approximately 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags annually. Less than one percent of these plastic bags are recycled since it is more expensive to recycle a polythene bag than to make a new one. Polythene bags are widely used since they are light in weight, readily available and inexpensive. Plastic bags are discarded after use littering the environment and creating an eyesore. Apart from this visual pollution, they produce catastrophic marc jacobs effects on the entire environment.Polythene bags accumulate continuously on soils and since they cannot decompose and rot easily it results in poor marc jacobs soil aeration and absorption of water and nutrients in the soil. The acidic combination present in the polythene bags also interferes with the chemical formula of the soils making them less productive. Polythene bags photo degrade breaking down into smaller and toxic petro polymers contam marc jacobs inating the soil. Crops planted on such soils might produce low yields due to poor marc jacobs nutrition and water absorption.