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Preppers and Survivalists: Bloody Blood Moon Mania! Here We Go:)Have you ever thought about what will happen to religion before during and after an SHTF WROL event? How about after an apocalypse or armageddon? Will they be areas of strength or weakness or concern if things change drastically? Will masses, funerals, worship change? Who will be the new leaders and will they be good? If one has strong beliefs on thou shalt not steal or thou shalt not kill, how will those beliefs be managed in times of severe violence or lack of resources? Will your bug out bag be ready for this? Curious to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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Preppers and Survivalists, have you felt the rise in food prices at the grocery store lately? How is your stockpile doing on food? If the SHTF or WROL breaks out will your bug out bag have enough to take you through? What about your food reserves at the homestead or the bug out location? Do you think food prices will stabilize or will they keep going up? A topic close to many prepper hearts our food supply. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps :)

Preppers; What Creature Comforts Will you Miss the Most after a SHTF Grid Down Event?Preppers: Things Can Happen Fast! Beware! Ukraine Katrina Mudslide Malaysian airplan

Timing is everything they say and when you take a look at some recent events and compare how this might involve preppers or the Prepping lifestyle. It can make one reevaluate where preps are placed and if one has one affairs in order of the SHTF or a WROL situation occurs. The take over of part of Ukraine2. Katrina3. Mudslide4. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mou marc jacobs se marc jacobs traps :)

Preppers: Decoy Food, Vault and Valuables during SHTF WROL Invasions

It a good idea for preppers to consider marauder invasions and theft before it ever happens. The likelihood of these events increases after any SHTF event or WROL situation. Civil unrest or desperate people will seek out and steal others goods to survive. Having guns and ammo may not be enough to ward off a significant threat or you may not be home when your stashes are pillaged. Consider the decoy. This can be applied to survival food storage along with vaults and other valuables. Let them think they got the good stuff. Consider redundancy when hiding your true valuables not all eggs in one basket. The marc jacobs y inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps :)

Bugging Out: What to Know Before You Go! 19 Tips for Preppers for SHTF Escape Planning! :)

Bugging Out 19 Tips for Preppers for SHTF Escape Planning:1. Know your routes.2. Have multiple forms of travel. (car, bike, foot, zodiac etc.) 3. Preload car with bug out bag4. Bury caches along routs.5. Know your final destination.6. Lay low and blend in.7. Choose off roads, back roads etc.8. Sleep in a different location than you cook your food or build a fire.9. Have back up fuel on the car.10. Keep bug out vehicle maintained and full of gas.11. Have alternative bug out locations in mind if the first one does not pan out.16. Practice you bug out plan with your family.17. Know where water, food, fuel can be found along your bug out routes.18. Be prepared for interactions with others.19. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps :)

30 Survival Uses for Trash Bags and Garbage Bags for Preppers in SHTF Situations!

Survival Uses for Trash Bags or Garbage Bags for Preppers! When the SHTF have your trash bag or garbage bag in your bug out bag or if you are bugging in have plenty at home too. Keep some in your car trunk for survival needs :) When you are prepping, you can never have too many garbage bags! Pick them up cheaply by couponing, estate or garage sales or wholesale discount stores. Get the extra thick ones, construction grade if possible they are more durable and it is your life we are talking about here :) Maybe guns aren enough to save your life, maybe the mighty trash bag will do the trick! :) When WROL hits, hit your trash bag supply :) Be sure to pick up some more trash bags today :) Trash bags can be a preppers best friend :) So if zombie attack occurs be sure to have your trash bags at the ready :)Trash Bag Garbage Bag Survival Uses for Preppers in many SHTF situations!1. Tube Tent2. Cover/tarp3. Ground Mat4. Rain gear5. water receptacle6. cold compress7. wind breaker/hypothermia10. gloves11. chemical suit12. tourniquet13. sling14. water scoop15. trail markers16. solar shower17. bear bags18. emergency blanket19. poncho20. black out windows marc jacobs 21. quarantine area22. dry bag23. keep feet dry24. make gaiters25. laundry machine26. solar heated water27. makeshift mattress28. rope/cordage29. catch fish as a net30. They inspire me and keep me thinking! Together we build better mousetraps :)