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The Hera Chronicles

Three cuts of ornament backing fabric brown pumpkins, purple roses and sparkly witch hats and boots

Carrie Creations Hand dyed Floss in Caramel Apples, Harvest Brew and Wildfire and some fun Halloween DMC green swirly fabric Q snap grime cover fits 8 11 frames

Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks for entering!!This is the big craft/tote bag I made for my cousin. I al marc jacobs so made a matching 8 hoop cover to protect from those dirty fingers we all have no matter how much we w marc jacobs ash them! :)

There a needlebook, an ort bag and a bottle cap pin cushion! Tonight I bought myself some fabric in a different set of colors to make my own. I not a kind of girl but these Heidi Grace fabrics from Joann are really gorgeous!

I am still fine tuning my patterns but once I get them done maybe I will post a Tutorial so you can all make your own cross stitch accessories!

I am closer to forty than thirty and have just begun learning to love life and embrace who I am.

My life has twists and turns, inspiration and hope, intellectualism and marc jacobs frivolity, fri marc jacobs ends and lovers, pets and family, whining and common sense and dreams and desires.