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The Hermes Scarf

There are different ways to wear a Hermes scarf.

Lucky for us, t marc jacobs here are lots to choose from at the gorgeous new Hermes boutique o marc jacobs n the main floor of Shopping Mecca, otherwise known as Holt Renfrew.

When the boutique opened last month, I chatted with Guillaume de Seynes, the executive vice president of Hermes International and a sixth generation descendant of its founder, Thierry Hermes.

He explained the company’s roots and why equestrian themes abound.

When Hermes opened its Paris doors in 1837, it was a saddle shop.

Eventually, the luxury brand began to offer goods of all kinds, including leather bags does the Birkin bag sound familiar? perfume, accessories, clothing and, of course, silk scarves.

In 1937, said de Seynes, his grandfather wanted to introduce a feminine accessory more affordable than a handbag.

“They had a link with silk at that time because they were making outfits for jockeys, marc jacobs ” he said, “and those were made of silk.” The traditional Hermes scarf comes in a square shape, measuring 90 centimetres by 90 centim marc jacobs etres, and is made of top quality silk that’s woven in Lyon, France. (Hold one in your hand and it’s as though you’re holding material butter.)

For a Calgary woman looking to own anything Hermes, a scarf may be one of the most affordable options; they range in price, but the average is roughly $400.

Hermes produces two collections every year, spring/ summer and fall/winter, as well as limited editions.

These days, the brand is experimenting with smaller scarf sizes, material blends, such as silk jersey, and formats, such as cashmere and silk shawls.

When asked how one should wear an Hermes scarf, de Seynes paused.

“It’s difficult to say,” he said. “Grace Kelly wearing it in the convertible is a typical elegance from the ’50s, but there are so many more ways to wear it.”