marc jacobs The Hidden Danger of 100If

The Hidden Danger of 100

If you’re unsure whether or not that Facebook flirtation with an old college flame counts as cheating, bad news: It does.

Twenty four percent of Facebook flirters used the social network to flirt with someone other than his/her partner, as we reported inHow Facebook Has Changed Sex. “It makes it too easy for an innocent flirtation to spiral into something more.”

Then, Paul Kita from Guy Gourmet details how he roasted a whole pig this summer and how you can do it, too. His biggest tip:The heavier the animal, the longer it takes to cook. A 50 pound is a good weight for first timers, as that size pig will feed marc jacobs about 25 to 30 people and will take about 6 to 8 hours to cook.

Whatever size you buy, ask for it cleaned and gutted and pick it up the morning of the roast. If that doesn’t give you enough time to cook your pig, pick it up the day marc jacobs before and store it, wrapped in several large trash bags and covered with ice, in your bathtub. No, really. The insulation of your tub acts a perfect environment for keeping the ice and the pig chilled until morning.

Plus, food and nutrition editor Adina Steinman explains why 10 marc jacobs 0 calorie snack packs are a bad idea. According to a recent study in theJournal of Consumer Research, the small portions lull us into thinking that a little bit of unhealthy food is an innocent pleasure, which encourages us to eat more bags.

We end the show with a riveting discussion with staff movie buff (and production associate) John Gilpatrick about the flicks that make us cry. A new study scientifically found that the saddest movie sce marc jacobs ne ever is the climax to the 1979 remake of The Champ, but not everyone on our panel agrees. Listen for our picks, and then give us yours. Tell us in the comments which movies make you shed a tear every time you watch them.

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