marc jacobs The History Of Designer Handba

The History Of Designer Handbags

IntroductionHandbags have been around since biblical times. They are one of the most sort after and most popular accessory to add to your fashion wardrobe especially from a woman’s point of view. Handbag manufacturing is a multi billion dollar business and there are hundreds of companies, small and large, that have been in this business for many years. Believe it or not, putting a handbag over your marc jacobs shoulder is something that was once very popular among men because they did not have pockets many centuries ago. Even though it was started by men it is now a predominantly woman thing. Today there are several major handbag designers out there, namely, Coach, Dooney Bourke, Gucci, Prada, B. Makowsky and many more. In this hub I will give a brief background and description on three of the most popular designers; Coach, Dooney Bourke and B. Makowsky. In it early days the company main line of products were small leather goods such as wallets and other small Leather products. By 1957 the Coach brand was introduced and the company changed it name to Gail Leather Products, Inc. During this time a new leather processing method was discovered to make the leather strong, durable, soft and more affordable. As a result, this process lead to the introduction of handbags in the Coach brand lineup. Some of the other features added during the 1960s to the handbags that made Coach more popular were the addition of side pockets, coin purse and brighter colo marc jacobs rs. Back then most purses were made in the classic hues of brown and tan. Today the name of the company is, The Coach Farm Corporation, which also produce goat cheese under the Coach Farm trademark. Beside goat cheese, Coach now makes both ladies and men handbags, luggage, briefcases, belts, shoes, umbrellas, sunglasses just to name a few. The headquarters is still located in New York at 516 West 34th Street.

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About Dooney Bourke Dooney Bourke is a relative young company. Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke started the company in 1975. The two products sold initially were suspenders and surcingle belts. In case you guys do not know what a surcingle belt is, it a wide strap that runs over the back and under the belly of the horse, used to keep a blanket or other equipment in place. By 1981, Dooney Bourke went into the handbag business with the introduction the Tack Case and Equestrian Bag. Both of these were made from tough leather used to make bridle for horses. Later in 1983 they produced an All weather Leather Bag from leather that was made waterproof by using a process to shrink the pores in it. The main Dooney Bourke store is located in Norwalk, Connecticut and the store currently sells such products as Ipod cases, bracelets, watches, clothes, shoes and

About B. MakowskyB. Makowsky is the youngest of the three handbag companies

mentioned here. Bruce Makowsky and his wife, Kathy Van Zeeland, started this

company in 2006. The goal of their business was to created h marc jacobs igh end handbags at

a more reason price. Their handbags are made from Japanese dyed drum leather

and the characteristics of their bags are the bold and sturdy hardware on them.

Interior pockets and exterior pockets along with a satin finished hardware and

a strong sense of functionality are their signature features of these

You can catch Bruce Makowsky and his wife on QVC from time to time promoting theirTypes of HandbagsDesigner handbags come in many styles for every occasion and for everyone’s taste. Here is a list of the types of handbags currently sold in retailers today.

Satchels Carryalls a small to medium size bag, often with a shoulder strap, used for carrying books and personal belongings.

Totes a small bag, generally smaller than a satchel or carryall with handles.

Hobos and Flaps a small bag with handles that have the general shape of hobo bags

Crossbody Bags a small bag with a long strap for hanging the bag over shoulder with the strap transversing your torso.